Anthony Eterovich

Moments of Reflection

Anthony Eterovich

Oil, 40" x 30" 1957
"Flesh tones fused to allow model movement to study mirror reflection."

Moments of Reflection

"Of all our young painters, none is freer from derivativeness or has developed more in the past few years than Eterovich. He combines old-world feeling for form with fierce insistence on color." Marie Kirkwood, Cleveland Plain Dealer, March 31, 1956

Artists Statement

"The magic of Shakespeare with words, the thrill of Beethoven in music, is certainly a rewarding experience.  But the human eye, being precious, demands another kind of fulfillment.  Color, design, their intertwining connotations have indescribable powers of their own - something quite personal to the artist and often too strongly related experiences of the observer." Anthony Eterovich (1916-2011)

News from the Estate of Anthony Eterovich

Mr. Eterovich is in the permanent collections of the Butler Institute of American Art, the Cleveland Museum of Art , the Artists Archives of the Western Reserve and ARTneo. He was recently added to the study collection at the Cleveland Institute of Art and the permanent collection of the Southern Ohio Museum.

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"The Musician" Oil 30" x 24" 1959
Artists Statement: "Abstract forms in contrasting atmospheric play activate surface movement."

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